2011 - April - 10
Send in by 1 of my visitors, a nice view of the trees in bloom.
2009 - May - 24
This shoot turned into a lenghty 3 hour visit,
where I found myself wondering across these historic grounds.
This resulted in 193 pictures totalling nearly 1GB of data.
Norkring has 1 DAB mux in use, RTBF.be uses this site for
1 AM station, 3 FM stations, 1 DAB mux and 1 DVB-T mux.
All SW transmissions are a thing of the past, luckily for me, the antennas are not.
An historical overview (written in French) can be found here.
DAB aerials.
The RTBF.be TV & radio mast, situated near building TV2.
The picture below is a merger of 3 pictures, file size is 8MB at 1835px by 6820px.
Taken from behind building TV1.
Various close-ups.
I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish ;-)
The grounding cable.
More views from underneath the tower.
The feeders up-close and personal.
The transmitter hut.
The former transmitter huts.
A dish near building TV2, they lovingly gave it a coat ;-)
More views from the TV & radio mast.
The AM antenna (245 meters in height), it used to carry 2 stations, 1 French & 1 Flemish.
A specially designed diplexer was used to transmit both signals via 1 mast.
A schematic can be viewed here.
This site was unique, normally Flemish stations are not allowed on Walloon soil.
That may not sound like anything special, but in a country with a lot of political tension between
the North (Flemish region) & the South (French region) it was!
SW antennas of the rusty kind.
More SW antennas, take a right at the entrance.
The road to building TV1.
Building TV1.
SW antennas located in front of building TV1.
SW antennas & feeders located behind building TV1.
Also located behind building TV1..., sheep... and sheep have lambs.
This mast is located near building TV2.
Building TV2.
Various antennas captured in one shot.
Hmm... it's only dangerous when you're dumb enough
to climb the towers and fiddle with the cables.
The way out.
2003 - February - 17
General view and a closer look at the towers & broadcast elements.