2011 - October - 23
Various views of the tower and it's elements.
I was wondering why I didn't hear any birds... this site is guarded by a cat!
2010 - October - 03
On this glorious day the tower opened it's doors to the public
for the first time in it's existence.
Naturally, yours truly had to be there :-)
It needs to be said that this was organized by Norkring,
this meant that, for example, the Broadcast Partner facilities
were off limits to the public.
I was also one of the lucky few that got a ticket to "the dome" at 193 meters.
Finally I was able to look down on the antennas as opposed to up.
A look inside the Norkring Technical Control Center.
All transmissions nationwide are monitored in this single room.
The Norkring transmitter room.
The following picture features the FM transmitters used for VRT.
From left to right, we have the backup transmitter, Radio 1, Radio 2, Klara,
Studio Brussel & MNM transmitters.
The backup transmitter automatically switches on should one of the transmitters fail.
The frequency & output power is automatically copied to the backup transmitter.
These 2 pictures show a close-up of the Radio 1 transmitter.
TX output power does not exceed 10kW, the ERP is 50kW.
The DAB monitoring rack.
Sooner or later, something breaks down.
Luckily, the engineers at Norkring still posses the skills needed to fix things ;-)
Hmm, Donna Z.O. 93 MHz? That means this TX used to be on air in Genk.
The VRT DAB TX rack.
The VRT DVB-T TX rack.
The Telenet DVB-T TX racks.
The feeders.
The server room, the noisiest room of them all!
The echo chamber.
There are several vents that are used to lift heavy equipment inside the building.
The feeders are also visible in the echo chamber.
2008 - May - 11
General view and a closer look at the tower & broadcast elements.
2003 - February - 17
General view and a closer look at the tower & broadcast elements.
Date unknown
The following pictures were taken by a VRT-engineer.
People's faces have been blured for privacy purposes.