2011 - October - 01
Some general & detailed views of the mast.
2006 - September - 20
A word of explanation.
Q-Music 103.00 MHz. + JOE fm 104.10 MHz. + Club FM 93.60 MHz. multipattern
Some panoramic views.
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Donated panoramic view, taken at 07 PM.
Donated panoramic view, taken at 10 PM.
Some detailed views.
Probably Nostalgie (Mango) 98.20 MHz. & former JOE fm (ex 4FM) elements.
It's not easy to know for sure, because nobody gives out (official) information.
The building.
These microwave links are (or were) used by Contact+ (Sympathiek) & Nostalgie (Mango).
The sat dish is used by Q-Music, JOE fm and maybe Nostalgie.
Cell phone operators.
Some more views of the mast taken in 2006, on September 20th.
Donated views.