The Northern mast is 165 meters high and is the main antenna for 927 kHz,
which can broadcast a maximum signal of 300kW.

The Southern mast is 080 meters high and was the main antenna for 1512 kHz,
which could broadcast a maximum signal of 600kW on 1512 kHz,
or a 300kW signal on 927 kHz if the 165 meters high mast is undergoing maintenance.

The other two masts are 090 meters high and are used for the curtain antennas,
which were a backup for the 1512 kHz and could produce a 600kW signal.
One of those masts is also a backup antenna (at 045 meters hight)
which is capable of broadcasting a 050kW signal.

Under normal circumstances the ERP was as follows:

927 kHz : 180kW (backup is 020kW)
1512 kHz : 025kW during daytime hours, 300kW at night.

2001 - December - 07
General view and a closer look at the towers & curtain antennas.